This section of the website displays photos submitted by club members which have received a high sore during a critique session during the year.  Prior to September 2016, only photos receiving a score of 12 are displayed.  Prior to January of 2018, images receiving an 11 or 12 are displayed.  Critique sessions occur during many of the club's monthly meetings.  This feature of the club website was started in January 2016.

Photo galleries offer the option to view photos by the date they were critiqued, by club member, or by category in which they were submitted.

Any photo in a gallery can be clicked on to view a larger image.  Information will also be displayed including photographer name, ISO setting, F-stop, shutter speed, image title, and and copyright information found in the EXIF data.

UPDATE 02/25/2018: Images from critique sessions are up to date through February of 2018.  Beginning in January, the club no longer has judges award a point score for images.  Consequently, all photos submitted for critique sessions are posted on this website.  In addition, entries submitted during a theme night are now available on this website (beginning December 2017).  They can be viewed under the Critiqued Photos menu in the By Category sub-menu. 

Special Note: When a photo is clicked on to view the larger image, the description now includes the lens make and the focal length used when this information is available.

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